What do I do?

I create visual identity projects that add value and help brands connect with people.

From the logo to the typography, everything is strategically designed to convey the essence of your brand to the target audience.

How I do?

Briefing, research, analysis, benchmark, references, drafts, conversations and everything that collaborates with creativity.

Here in the studio I use several creative tools not only to expand the possibilities, but also to restrict the approach to an assertive direction.

I am an independent graphic designer and passionate about

What do I do.


My name is Matheus Melo and I have more than 10 years of experience. I've worked in several areas of design, but my greatest passion has always been brands. In 2016 I decided to set up my own design studio where I have a mission to make people look at your brand with the same passion as you.

Meu nome é Matheus Melo e eu tenho mais de 10 anos de experiência. Já trabalhei em diversas áreas do design. mas minha grande paixão sempre foi marcas. Em 2016 resolvi montar meu próprio estúdio de design onde tenho como missão fazer as pessoas olharem para sua marca com a mesma paixão que você.

So, are we going to create your visual identity?


We will!